We take beloved game designs and push them beyond the boundaries of their genre. Join our community so, together, we can redefine what is possible.
— @CAKOvalik, Vortex Founder

The Vortex Rising First Impression

We want Vortex Rising to look and feel like it offers something new to players. We are proud to share what we want Vortex Rising’s first impression to be:

  1. Collaborative and competitive core. Our online play will feature cooperative team-based gameplay. What does a 2v2 or 3v3 fighting game look like? Is it pure chaos or can it be tamed into something much more competitive? We hope to answer these questions with Vortex Rising.

  2. Unique gameplay. Our default gameplay includes beloved elements from other fighting games for the first time into a platform fighting game. We are experimenting with several risky but original ideas to push these concepts even further.

  3. A perception of being easier to learn. Tutorials, controls and core gameplay will vary in new and unique game modes to help beginners and button mashers graduate to an endless depth of advanced play. You should feel comfortable inviting a friend to play this game with you and they should feel good about being able to play alongside you.

  4. Gives you something fun to work towards. Playing should push you to want to go further, dig deeper. Watching a match should inspire you to rise to a challenge.

When you join our fully-playable Alpha, you will have a direct hand in shaping our game. We conduct daily discussions, host weekly gameplay playtests and developer Q&As so you can follow every change to an attack, dodge, spike and - yes - wavedash.